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kiddy city n move stroller

What better way to test out a stroller then give it to 2 first time moms – right?  That is what happened when the fantastic people over at Kiddy USA sent the Kiddy City n Move stroller over to our house.  Jeanna and I are brand new to this parenthood thing and while we have pushed many strollers around with nieces and nephews in them, we haven’t had much experience at actually putting them together, folding them up and folding them back down again.  We received the Kiddy City n Move stroller in the jaffa (orange) color, pictured below;

kiddy city n move stroller

Now, where do I begin to provide you quality review on such a great product?  How about I speak to the great features of the Kiddy City n Move stroller.  First off, the stroller is designed for weights up to 55 lbs and is appropriate for ages roughly 6 months and up, but it comes with easy to use adaptors that allow you to easily attach most baby carriers for when your little one is smaller, ideal for Jeanna and I to use after our little one makes his/her arrival in July.

Next, once I took the stroller out of the box I was happy to see that I needed no tools to get it to a useable condition, because I got home before Jeanna did and was way too excited to wait for her to help me with assembly.  The stroller weighs around 21 lbs, which isn’t the lightest out there, but it also is not excessively heavy, and I was able to easily pull it from the box and work with it even while being 20 weeks pregnant.  Take a look at the stroller folded up below;

kiddy city n move stroller folded

The stroller has a leg and foot rest that is adjustable.  When your little one is smaller it can be placed straight to have their little legs rest on and as they grow you can adjust it to face downwards allowing their legs to reach down to the footrest below.   I also love the amount of storage room the stroller has underneath, and as an added bonus, it has a zip down feature on the side to allow you to get larger items into and out of the storage compartment without battling.

I think the 3 features I like best about this stroller are the ability to recline the seat, the sun canopy, and the 5-point harness system.  The stroller reclines to multiple positions, including a full recline so your little once can sleep if they’re tired.
The sun canopy, well it’s GREAT, it provides different amounts of sun protection, from a little to a lot and it has little ‘window’ that you can look through to check on your baby.  It also has UV80 protection built in.  No other stroller manufacturer has this level of safety.
Of course safety always comes first with our little ones, and that is why I love the 5-point harness system.  Keeps your little guy/gal safely strapped into the stroller, it is comfortable for them as it has padding and includes breathable 3D-netting and triple-height adjustable shoulder belts.

Now lets talk about the fantastic colors that the Kiddy City n Move stroller comes in.  I just love them, picking a color was a tough choice because it comes in seven fun and vibrant colors; Stone, Jaffa (orange), Hawaii (turquoise), Lavender, Cranberry, Walnut, and Phantom, I’ve placed them all in the image below – which would be your favorite color?

kiddy city n move stroller colors

You can Buy the Kiddy City’N Move Stroller on Amazon – it retails for $229 and it comes complete with my nephew Blake’s full stamp of approval, we had a great time taking him out and about in this sweet new ride!!
Make sure you take the time to stop by the Kiddy USA website and check out all the fantastic products they offer, you won’t be disappointed!!  In addition, Kiddy USA is on the following social media outlets, I’ve followed them all because I want to make sure I don’t miss out on anything; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

The awesome people over at Kiddy USA have sponsored a giveaway for a lucky winner to receive a Kiddy City n Move stroller.  All you have to do is enter via the easy rafflecopter entry form by clicking HERE.



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    Wow their products seem really well made! I love the fact that it includes breathable 3D-netting and triple-height adjustable shoulder belts.

  2. says

    Thanks for reviewing this stroller. I learned that is it not quite as light as I had thought. I am still happy that it is smaller than a crazy full sized stroller though. Maybe the extra weight makes it more durable for the older kids. The price is a bit too steep, at least for me at this time. I do love it though. :)

  3. denise smith says

    im happy to see you needed no tools to get it to a useable condition, because my husband and i are very bad at putting things together out of the box lol

  4. says

    I really love how you can adjust the foot rest on the stroller, what a great feature! Thanks for this great review and congrats on baby, he/she will bring so much happiness :-)

  5. meegan whitford says

    I love that you can adjust the foot rest and the shoulder straps and is easily assembled

  6. says

    That is one chic and awesome looking stroller from Kiddy USA. I love that! It is nice also that it didn’t take you lots of tools to put the thing together and it folds up nicely and reclines as well. Thanks for sharing this one!

  7. Lori Beaney Tobin says

    Thanks for the review. I learned that they have more colors available than I thought.

  8. Christi-TX says

    I loved the fact it can be used for a child up to 55lbs and the 5point harness is a very good feature

  9. Olivia Rubin says

    I like that you gave an honest review of the weight and that you were still able to lift at 20 weeks. I am new to the baby world and giveaways, trying to win all I can so i can be the bestest aunt in the world for my sister, her husband and their addition in October. I also like that you can attach a carrier for younger ones till they reach 6 months

  10. Mary W says

    This stroller has a comfortable ride with spring suspension at front- and rear wheels. Sweet!

  11. Vicki Hale says

    what i like about it is; no tools needed, that it reclines, and has a sun shade. Sounds like a good investment. Thank you Vicki

  12. Linda Bradshaw says

    Wow, I love the color choices. Not just plain colors but vibrant ones. I dont think I can really choose.

  13. Rebecca DeCamp Bryant says

    Thanks for your review on this stroller. Strollers have come a long way from when I had my kids in the 70’s. There are so many wonderful features to this stroller that I am happy with all of them. My daughter would love to have this for her new baby. Thanks.

  14. Carrie Phelps says

    I learned that Kiddy’s lightweight strollers are maneuverable, stable and easy to collapse.

  15. Heather N says

    Thanks for the review! Lots of great information but I love that you dont need any tools. Makes life a lot easier. :)

  16. Brenda says

    I love the idea that it has easy to use adapters that allow you to easily attach most baby carriers for when your little one is smaller(other strollers combo’s are just for the car seat to stroller only-can’t use one brand car seat with a different brand stroller-so when I have my grand daughter over, I can use her infant carrier on this stroller and as she get’s older she will grow into it, since the weight is up to 55 lbs as well, I can use it for my 3 year old grandson- so I would get two uses out it… and then knowing it has the 5 point harness big plus, (keep my babies safe) as well the color options I can get a color that is fitting for both genders….

  17. Wendy Mastin says

    I learned that it is designed for babies up to 55 pounds and is age appropriate for 6 months and up

  18. Heather Heimbach says

    I love that it fully reclines. Most light weight strollers I have seen don’t fully recline.

  19. says

    The 5 point harness is a great idea. I always worried that my kids would be hanging out the side of the stroller and I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t see over the canopy in older stroller models.

  20. joanne gentry says

    It has been a while since I last purchased a stroller but this one looks awesome with some really helpful options. I love that the seat has a full recline and built in UV80 protection built in. Strollers have come a long way, and I am so glad they have!

  21. Terelyn says

    I love that the seat has a full recline all the strollers I have used in the past don’t recline all the way and my little one doesnt sleep as long – looks like an awesome stroller!!

  22. shanna kimmel says

    I learned about the kiddy shield. I think it is a wonder design and idea and would love to try it out on my toddler. I hate how straps dig into my little ones and my 2-year-old hates being strapped in. I just wonder how easy/difficult it is to use. I like the latch system, but use it for long term use with our carseats. I have great difficulty releasing it once it’s hooked on. Great idea though!

  23. Kate Moore says

    I love that you don’t need any tools to put it together! I can totally relate to your situation as I am almost 5 months prego and am needing a new stroller too! Great review, seems like a really great and reliable stroller.

  24. Robyn Galloway says

    I like that the stroller has a wieght limit of 55 lbs which means it will still fit my very big 3 yr old who definitely still needs a stroller. Its great that I can also use it for my infant too because of the reclining seat and 5-point harness!

  25. Melissa Dealmeida says

    I learned that the stroller is designed for weights up to 55 lbs and is appropriate for ages roughly 6 months and up! Perfect for my 3 year old!

  26. Janet W. says

    This looks like such a nice stroller! The sun canopy appears to provide nice protection. Looks like a slim fold, too, which will be nice in my trunk!

  27. Lisa Paone says

    WOW! Super easy to use! I absolutely love all of the color choices as well. Thanks for the review, I definitely want one now!

  28. Tiffany Faulk says

    Happy to hear that it holds kids up to 55lbs. My 15 month old is already 25 lbs and outgrowing the stroller we have. Thanks for the review !!

  29. Robin A says

    I learned that the stroller is designed for weights up to 55 lbs and is appropriate for ages roughly 6 months and up and it comes with easy to use adapters that allow you to easily attach most baby carriers . Would love to have this stroller

  30. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I love the colors that are used for these strollers – especially the orange, lavender, and cranberry. I have visited the Kiddy site and read about the strollers – they are well made and user friendly. I would love to have one.

  31. Jessica Lodge says

    I like that it has the UV80 protection built in. That is a really cool feature. I also like that it holds a child up to 55 lbs. My son is 2 and he is 34lbs and no where near ready to give up his stroller-we live in NYC so it’s understandable. Thanks for the review. You should definitely do a follow up once you have the baby and let us know what you think with the baby in the stroller and also how easy it is to fold if you’re holding the baby.

  32. mary farley says

    I love the cranberry color! Also, love the sun canopy and that it has UV80 protection built in. I would like this for my daughter, who is almost 6 mos old, but I learned that my son could still ride in it bc he is less than 55 lbs, thats great! thanks

  33. charla ford henderson says

    These are well made strollers for children up to 55 pounds. THey have adaptors for infant carseats. THey fold quickly and easily.

  34. Kathe B says

    I love the color choices and that they can hold up to 55 pounds. That will last quite a long time.

  35. Aubree Faunce says

    I like that the weight is up to 55 lbs and I love that the sunshade has built in sunscreen protection!!!

  36. Emily W says

    I knew that it was a European company, but not that it was from Germany! How cool, my parents spend a ton of time there!

  37. laurie nykaza says

    The child feet rest on the foot rest making it more comfortable for the child. UV80 protection built in is so important for a child. I myself have had skin cancer so the protection is so important when a child is young not to get a sunburn. I love that feature.

  38. Miranda Welle says

    I LOVE the high weight limit! At 55#, I could still push my 5 and 7 year olds in this! (Not that I would! LOL.) Our 2 year old and infant needs the wheels around here! And I love all the color choices as well!

  39. Danielle Burghardt says

    I like the zip down feature that allows you to use the compartment underneath without hassle. Very creative!

  40. Sam Stamp says

    I love the adjustable height and foot rest! But my favorite feature is that it comes with adapters to attach a baby carrier!

  41. chantal ronchetto says

    Love that it has UV80 protection built in. Also that adjustable footrest is great. No more dangling feet.

  42. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    I never heard of this company before and i really like that they make car seats as high as 110lbs what great products

  43. brandy wassmer says

    I learned these strollers can hold up to 55lbs also found on the site the adventure packs hold up to 49.5lbs. That is more than I thought strollers or backpacks held. Thats awesome. Especially if you have a special needs child with developmental delays who will be needing them longer than most!

  44. Jessica Snow says

    I love the fact that there are no tools needed and how light the stroller is. It also comes in so many pretty colors to choose from.

  45. Erica Baty says

    after reviewing I learned that the strolller is has UV fabric which is AWESOME!! and I love all the pretty colors that the stroller comes in as well as a 5 point harness which is def important!

  46. Crystal Gibson says

    I learned that it has an adjustable leg and foot rest, along with a 5 point harness system. It folds up very nicely! However the sun canopy is my favorite feature!!

  47. Cassandra Eastman says

    I learned you can buy it on Amazon for 229 and there are so many fabulous colors to choose from! Also that it weighs 21 lbs. not too bad :) Sounds like a great stroller! Thanks for the review!

  48. jamie villari says

    I learned that it has a zip down feature on the side to allow you to get larger items into and out of the storage compartment without battling

    jamievilalri@yahoo dot com

  49. Emwyda says

    This stroller would be perfect for my lil prince… Would fit nice behind the 3rd row seat in my car and allow for all seats to be in the upright position. I have not used a stroller because I couldn’t find one I liked that would fit in the small space behing the seats. I have 5 children so proper seating is required and I am left lugging my lil guy on my hip.

  50. Lynne Judd says

    I learned that Kiddy is an award-winning, family-owned company located in Bavaria, Germany and that this company truly understands and specializes in the mobility of children. Kiddy focuses on the safety, health, and comfort of children. I love the multiple colors offered for this stroller and that it is so easy to set up. Since I am a grandmother, this is important.

  51. Susan S., TN says

    Sounds like a great stroller. Looks like someone finally made one that doesn’t take a scientist to put together. A lot of small extra features that make it great, ie. the protected sun screen and the adjustable foot rest.. Great review thanks..

  52. says

    When my husband was stationed in Vilseck, Germany, (which is in Bavaria), we saw many families with these. When we looked at them up close, (though we don’t have our own, I got to push a friend’s kid in one, 😛 ), we found that they are quite smooth ride for the kids. They have great features which you won’t find on any ordinary umbrella stroller, like the ability to attach car seat for the little ones.
    I loved it, and I would love one of my own. :)

  53. Lisa Sicora says

    I am just tickled that the stroller has a foot rest! And adjustable as they grow! What leisure!!!

  54. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says

    Love the fact that there are no tools required. Because as we all know there are enough things that Daddy has to put together before that little bundle of joy arrives <3

  55. Julie says

    I like the look of it- nice and sturdy. I also like that it doesn’t require tools to put together. My husband is unbelievably handy and have a good assortment of tools but there have been times he doesn’t have a specific tool needed so that’s good.

  56. Crystal Ray says

    Wow. It has a UV80 sunroof. Strollers have come a long way since my kids were little. I’d love this for my new grandchild.

  57. alena svetelska says

    such a wonderful stroller…I like the adjustable leg and foot rest. Very nice and compact when folded

  58. says

    I learned that these strollers actually *grow* with your child,so no need to keep purchasing different sizes etc as the child!

  59. Angela DiBetta says

    love how you can adjust the foot rest on the stroller,love that it can seat an older child and the UV protection!

  60. Tracey McCullough says

    I learned some pretty important things. I so wish you had talked a little more on how it handled turning and curbs etc. but the most important for me were the 5 point harness, the UV protection and a window so you can see the child even when the canopy is covering them! Second most important are all the comfort features including full recline, breathable material, and two diff. lengths footrest. I would love for my fiance to be able to give this as a gift for his granddaughters 1st. birthday! We really can’t afford to buy one right now so fingers crossed we’d love to win it! Again not so important but I love the Lavender! Thanks for the review!

  61. Darla D says

    I would love to win this for my grandson. Love the color and also the features of the stroller .

  62. Judy Bradley says

    I really like all the extras, the adaptability and thought to the child’s comfort put into the design of the stroller.

  63. Amber Rist says

    I love the different seating options for little babies and as they grow. My favorite color would have to be a toss up between the lavender and cranberry

  64. tracey andino says

    I like that it has a high UV protection, full recline is also a huge plus so baby can be comfy, but I always stick to products that come with a 5pt safety harness. I won’t buy a product without out, so that is the best part!
    Thank you for a very informative review!!

  65. says

    absolutely love these strollers as I’ve compared and used many with my own children and grandchildren. The UV protection is important to me as well as a great moving sunsheild. Seems the sun is always face when your rolling a little one and the shield doesn’t cover them completely. The zoo is a huge problem for us!!

  66. tina says

    i like that its lite weight 21lbs and that it can hold a baby carrier and the uv protection is a great feature

  67. says

    These are well made strollers for children up to 55 pounds,have adaptors for infant carseats.They fold quickly and easily,no tools needed and it comes in many colors.The ability to recline the seat, the sun canopy, and the 5-point harness system are just FANTASTIC !!! The stroller reclines to multiple positions, including a full recline so your little once can sleep if they’re tired. My personal favorite is the lime green color,very festive,and would look AWESOME with the theme of our {long,and anxiously waiting for }grandson,Nicholas Charles,who will soon{hopefully}meet our family within the next few days !!! :)

  68. Laura Smith says

    This is really nice and safe. The 5 point harness and the sun shade make it even better. The leg/foot rest will help so you can use this for a long time.

  69. Barbi says

    I love that this safe ride is available in so many colors. The “Hawaii” turquoise one is my favorite.

  70. Christina Strapp says

    There are so many things I like about this stroller! I really like that it has a leg and foot rest that is adjustable.

  71. Ashley roach says

    It holds up to 55lbs and is designed for 6months and up. And weighs approx. 21lbs

  72. Krista Grandstaff says

    I love that you didn’t have to have a toolbox and a bottle of tylenol to put this together…lol… It’s nice to just open the box and have it be ready to go :)

  73. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    I would have loved to had one of these when my daughter was young and they come in so many cool colors!