$50 Toys R Us Gift Card FLASH Giveaway!! (ends 11/8)

$50 Toys R Us Gift Card Giveaway!!

Toys R Us Gift Card Giveaway!!

Perfect timing for the holidays ~ enter now to win this $50 Toys R Us Gift Card FLASH Giveaway!!  Starts 11/7 and ends at 11:59pm EST on 11/8.  Yup you’ll have just 2 days to enter to win.  How awesome is that?  An awesome giveaway and with a quick turn around Whoooo :)

ALL you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter entry form below – EASY RIGHT??


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  1. Mary Gallardo says

    I am buying my daughter her first bike for Christmas and this would really help out! =)

  2. Katy M says

    I’d get as much Swiper (from Dora the Explorer) stuff as I could find for my niece.


  3. Carolyn N. says

    I would buy Christmas gifts for my little nieces and nephew!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  4. Kasee Johnson says

    My friend has decided that her family could really benefit from a weekly Family Game Night like my family holds, but she has next-to-no games. I would LOVE to buy her a ton of new games for her family to play!

  5. patricia k says

    my son wants anything and everything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for X-mas so this would be a great help, ty

  6. Mike Davis says

    Pierce needs diapers right now ans then I would get him a couple tonka trucks–and a Movie for Kaydnse

  7. Kayla says

    I really would like to win this. I have three kids and a disabled vet for a husband. This year we have been fighting this year for the benefits from the VA. We are not planning on having much of a Christmas for our kids this year. It would be nice to give them just a few toys.

  8. Jannet L. says

    I have 3 children to shop for. This wonderful gift card would be such an amazing blessing toward some nice, thoughtful gifts for each child. My youngest LOVES to read and create with building sets. We can’t thank you enough for this extremely generous giveaway!! :-)

  9. ky2here says

    something for the grandkids – and they change their mind every 5 minutes so it’s too early!

  10. Margaret Smith says

    I would buy some barbies and a furby for my daughter and lego and knex items for my sons.

  11. Ann Fantom says

    If I won, I would use the Toys R Us GC to buy my daughter Nintendo DS games for Christmas

  12. michelle warner says

    i would buy a glow dome and a crayola crayon maker, my daughter wants these for christmas

  13. Becca Wilson says

    My son has some wishes for Christmas that this would go amazing towards. everything he sees on tv he wants. would love to be able to get something a little extra out of our budget with this card :)

  14. Shelley Bryan says

    If I were to win the $50, I would buy a Mickey Mouse plush for my youngest son. An Army themed playset for each of my 2 older sons who love to “shoot” the bad guys in our yard. Lol :)

  15. kim says

    Some things on the Christmas list are Spiderman mask, tub toys, toy bow and arrow so I would use it toward the Christmas list!

  16. says

    Hmmm…probably put it toward the next carseat we’ll need. I suppose eventually the tiny baby will grow out of the infant one!

  17. says


  18. Laura P. says

    I would buy something for my oldest niece for Christmas I haven’t decided what to get her yet though.

  19. Shantell J says

    My son want some lego blocks that is around this amount so I will get them for him for christmas.

  20. Caitlin chapman says

    We have a toddler son and are expecting baby #2, so im POSTIVE we wil use it on something!!!! Lol

  21. tara b. says

    i have 4 kids to christmas shop for…….it would def be used….for what…i’m not sure yet

  22. Maegan Morin says

    I have had my eye on some fisher price toys for my daughter for christmas or maybe a lego set for my son 😀

  23. Myra R says

    i would be using it to buy my nephew some goodies! not sure yet what exactly i would use it towards i know a board game for sure but thats all i know until i look around!

  24. Dawn says

    I would use it for christmas shopping. The grandbaby wants a castle for christmas and would love to get it for her :)

  25. Heather Howard says

    a christmas present for my husband as I do not have anything yet for him or maybe a present for each of my two little ones..would be nice to win, thank you for the chance

  26. Christy says

    I need to buy a baby gift for my cousin and maybe a game for my daughter for Christmas.

  27. Maleigha says

    I want an easel for my classroom with the smocks, the clips, the works! Then, LEGOs for my son;)

  28. says

    My son would love to have great gifts under the tree! My husband just got Out of the military;served 8 1/2 year with most of that time being away. Times are hard and anything would help! :) please pick us

  29. Vanessa D says

    My daughters birthday is in a few weeks, this would help with getting her gifts =)

  30. Shelly Johnson says

    I am getting my kids a big wooden swing set from toysrus so this would be a HUGE help!!

  31. bina edwards says

    my kids are waiting for a new game to be released so whatever its called (I have no idea) then they’d be able to get that

  32. says

    Ooooh,I would get my grandson a Yo Gaba Gaba toy for Christmas.He loves this show and it’s characters,especially the big green character! That’s what I’d use the $50 gift card from Toys-R-Us. Finger’s crossed XX….Good luck everyone!

  33. Margie Franklin says

    it would greatly help to purchase Christmas for my granddaughter . Thank You !

  34. Crystal Kelley says

    I would get my son the Jake and the Neverland pirates ship and something else from that show he LOVES IT !!!!! or even something Mickey mouse thank you for the chance

  35. Sarah VM says

    I would buy the Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Fashion On-the-Go Playset my daughter has been asking for.

  36. Haylee Marie Rowe says

    As many things as I possibly can for my girls for christmas. My oldest wants nintendo ds games, and my youngest wants baby dolls.

  37. Angela G says

    Thomas the Train for the grandson and Scooby Doo for my 10 year old (yes, I know, but really-lol)

  38. Saundra M says

    Monster High stuff for my granddaughters. They have a special Christmas set at Toys R Us for 3 dolls for $39

  39. melanieg says

    My 4 yr old son has been asking for an electronic device like his 8 year old brother, he is asking for the Leap Pad Leapster that teaches them, so if I won this I would buy the lil man that

  40. says

    I have a 2 year old son but I have already purchased all his Christmas Gifts so I would use it to donate gifts to Primary Children’s Hospital for the children that have to be hospitalized during the holidays.

  41. michelle findura says

    I would give it to my son. I have a feeling he will buy a video game, but it would be great fun to watch him run around the store.

  42. Nesca C says

    Would go towards my daughter’s Christmas gift ..i want to get her butterscotch the pony for christmas

  43. Jennifer M. says

    I would buy my little boys Christmas. That’s about all I would have been able to spend anyway.

  44. paula says

    I would buy my daughter the barbie car she is wanting it is the remote control car for barbies :) Thanks!

  45. Mandi Hartman says

    Toys for my daughter since christmas is right around the corner! thankyou for the chance to win

  46. Lindsay M says

    I would buy leappad junk….lol my girls love the leappad but we dont have enough games and the old charger broke…so those would be on my list!

  47. Patricia Northcutt says

    My kids are to old for toys .. sooooo we would shop for kids in our school district who need items. I adopted a family from school last year a feed them an entire Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

  48. Jazminpr says

    I would split the amount between my 2 boys but first I would buy 2 games so I could donate them

  49. Heather Raineyfree says

    I have not been there in a long time so im not really sure, but my daughter asked for Barbie and Barbie clothes so thats what I would get!

  50. Cathy says

    I would buy my 16 mo old son a plastic slide for inside the house. He loves to climb on everything so hopefully I could contain his climbing to a safe area.

  51. elissa boone says

    I would save it for christmas shopping for my 7yr old, thank you for the awesome giveaway!