$35 Amazon Gift Card 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!!! (ONLY from 6-11pm CST on 5/2)

$35 Amazon Gift Card 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!!! 7-11pm CST on 5/2
A few AWESOME Bloggers have teamed up to give you this wonderful $35 Amazon Gift Card! We believe in quick, small, and easy giveaways! Our giveaways only have a FEW entries to fill out and you will know if you WIN in just a couple of hours! WHAT FUN! Good luck on tonight’s giveaway!

*NOTE: You can choose PayPal CASH in substitution of the Amazon GC.

Here are our WONDERFUL participating sites for this evening’s 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!! Check out these awesome sites!! 

Give Oh Giveaway       

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Danielle Williams says

    Twitter stuff because you have to continually enter your twitter id

  2. Stacie Cavagnaro says

    I don’t mind any of them except the Google+ ones because I don’t have Google+

  3. Anita Leibert says

    The least favorite entries for me are those that I’m unfamiliar with or not signed up for.

  4. lisa peterson says

    I don’t like anything with GFC, for me it’s hit and miss. Everything else is pretty easy peazy :)
    Thank you for the chance!

  5. Debbie P says

    Tweeting because I use my iPad and can’t get to the URL in my account to repost it.

  6. Sheralle D. says

    My least favorite are Google+ because you have to open each page and my computer is super slow so it takes forever.

  7. Lauren says

    My least favorite entry to fill out would be doing more than just liking something, haha!

  8. says

    The ones that point me to some crazy off the wall site to sign up. Then once I do, all I get is spam. From what I’ve discovered, most of these bloggers that do that are getting paid each time someone signs up. I’m so glad I never have to put up with that here. I love Deb’s giveaways and reviews. She doesn’t post BS! Anyways, yea, don’t make me sign up for crazy off the wall sites that are going to fill my box with spam!!

    • says

      You make me smile Maggie :)

      You are right in your assessment about the reason for those sites, and NO I will NEVER make people do that to enter my giveaways :)

  9. says

    Having to sign in through a 3rd party service, (like blogger or google,) to leave comment. Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  10. says

    I don’t like going through 30 ”like” this page, it makes the form seem long! that and enter your twitter handle or you tweet url; makobi scribe has a new app where you just click follow, or tweet & it registers you tweet automatically~ i have no clue what app that is, but i like it!


    the ones that i have to go to the website and say what i have learned there it seems to take so long

  12. connie smith says

    when i have to like so many facebook pages one at a time its easy to go to one page and like them and twitter the same way

  13. Michele Henneman says

    RSS because I don’t understand if it tells the recipient if I’m following him via my google reader or not. The special sign ups. I get so much email as it is.

    • says

      Nope it doesn’t. We go based on your word and often we check your other entries. If you did some other ones that you said you did, we assume you did that one too.

  14. valorie gomes says

    the way the twitter is for multiple followings – there has to be a better way than the way it is done – you can’t even tell which one your on either

  15. Haley Hollan Hernandez says

    Tweets which I never do because I have no idea how

  16. says

    The one where I have to write a blog post about it, I don’t like spamming my readers everytime I enter a giveaway!

  17. Tiffany Herklotz says

    The Twitter ones, because while I have a twitter account, I don’t use it much so I don’t know about all the things to it. And I hate having to post the URL to the tweet. Half the time I can’t get the link.

  18. Susan Smith says

    email subscriber because I get so many emails and I don’t read any of them

  19. Tracy Awalt Juliano says

    GFC’s… because it usually requires clicking on individual blogs, and some blogs are way too overloaded with misc stuff which makes it 1) sometimes hard to even locate the GFC box to begin with, and 2) sometimes takes forever and a day to get the page to fully load… and that’s when GFC is even working properly that day.

    This is not to say, I really mind. It’s not like it costs me anything to enter rafflecopter giveaways. Just, if given a choice of which option to banish, it would probably be GFC 😉

  20. stacey dempsey says

    I dont like the leave a blog post comment one as alot of the blogs us blogger and my name is different than on rafflecopter as it uses my GFC name and they never leave a place to say that, i actually saw this giveaway on another blog first and because they use that format i came here as i know you use wordpress so the names match , I do that alot , go to a blog i know has this format , i also dont like it when they put the follow on pintrest up so high that you cant get to the rest of the entries , some of us are not on that and then we are stuck lol

  21. Tracey Taylor says

    I dont like the GFC ones as I thought GFC was going to be phased out? so why join?

  22. Amber Lovell says

    it would be the email sign ups , not because I don’t want the emails but because it takes so many steps to get signed up for them LOL Thanks for the chance here!!!

  23. lisa brown says

    Least favorite having to leave a blog post, especially if there is no box to put needed entry information into.

  24. Amy Adams says

    Twitter, because I am at my 2000 limit because no one will follow me back! I follow 2000 yet I only have 300+ following me back.

  25. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    My least favorite entry to fill out are GFC. It takes forever for sites to load if there are more than one, some are hard to find & there are a few sites that even knocked me offline :)

  26. stacey dempsey says

    oh and lately i dread the follow all on twitter and facebook this one isnt so bad a small list but some have gotten out of hand with follow these 3000 pages lol i am fighting twitter follow limits and now even facebook follow limits , it is a chore everyday trying to figure out who i have to unfollow just to enter the giveaway arghhh

  27. Shannon Pickin says

    When there are tons of facebook and twitters to follow because I am maxed out on both :(

  28. cindy mckean says

    Subscribing via email and/or RSS- sometimes I can’t tell which one they want.

    • cindy mckean says

      Oh and also when a blogger has joined a site and puts as an entry to sign up too, under them, they get prizes, free stuff, discounts, etc and I’m stuck. Not all bloggers do it and I haven’t seen quite so much in the past few months but it was getting pretty bad.

  29. Stephen Radford says

    Facebook share since it has no button and the ones that are one like at a time.

  30. Erica Baccigalopi Bradley says

    Twitter because I have to enter twitter id over and over again.

  31. Kim Reid says

    Email Subscribe – I get so many emails a day I can’t keep up, can’t read them all and delete most of them.

  32. Lisa Brooks says

    When I need to follow a ton of pages/twitters/etc for one entry. I have been maxed on fb & twitter before. Its hard to enter giveaways, when you like 28 of 30 pages, but you cant add anymore.

  33. sandra w says

    I don’t like the ones that require you to sign up for swag bucks or super points our any of those things. I also get annoyed by entries that require me to enter other Giveaways. Sometimes I don’t needed or want those other things

  34. stephanie rowe says

    gfc entries, the widget is rarely working! but im super thankful for the giveaways anyway!

  35. Mary Beth Elderton says

    “comment on a non-giveaway post”–it seems disingenuous to just look for something on which to make up a comment. If I have already commented, I did so out of interest and don’t connect it to a giveaway.

  36. says

    I never sign up for emails. I already get too many and I would just be deleting them anyway.

  37. says

    Sometimes I get bummed when all the ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ are on one page/1 entry… I’ve reached my Twitter following limit again, so until I get more followers I can’t follow anyone new, so even if I follow all but 1 I can’t do that entry. And, on the facebook ‘likes’, if someone’s FB page doesn’t load correctly for me I can get that entry even though I ‘like’ the rest of the pages.

  38. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    twitter follows because I keep hitting my limit and have to go in and find accounts to unfollow so I can follow new ones :(

  39. Jodi B says

    when they (sponsor) leaves a bad link and i’ve already clicked okay

  40. says

    so far I don’t mind any as long as it’s the ones for twitter that are on a page so I don’t have to keep re-entering my twitter handle

  41. says

    Definitely the subscribing/GFC. While I like getting the emails/reports, it’s a pain in the rear to go to other blogs, wait for them to load, and sign up.

  42. Colleen Schilinski says

    I honestly do not have any least favorites – Not Yet Anyway..:)

  43. Vonnie B. says

    signing up for email when i’m already following via facebook & tweeter

  44. tyra young says

    Don’t like to post something on non givaway posts and do not use twitter~

  45. Laura Lynch says

    ones that deal with blogging about it or things related to people who have blogs. there have been a couple of giveaways i really hoped for only to find out that the bulk of the points were aimed at bloggers and they could do it daily. :/

  46. Renee Sapone says

    Google+ because you have to keep opening new pages usually, and the e-mail subscribe because half the time you can’t find where the heck to sign up if they don’t use direct link. Twitter isn’t too bad just gotta ctrl+v every extra info box lol

  47. Christina says

    anything that has a blank and doesnt tell you what they want in it

  48. keeley says

    i LOVE rafflecopter but when they want you to like a million facebook pages and you have to do an entry for each one. I prefer it when they take you to another page for all of the FB likes in one spot. :)

  49. Julie B says

    I hate the e-mail, and twitter entries . Also Agree with Laura L Hate the ones that deal with blogging about it or things related to people who have blogs. there have been a couple of giveaways i really hoped for only to find out that the bulk of the points were aimed at bloggers and they could do it daily. :(

  50. jodi lasher says

    I dont like when it takes me to a page that takes forever to sign up to or subsrcibe to.. I like it quick and easy lol ..

  51. Cheri Anne says

    My least favorite entry is when they tell you to do something, and you have to search the entire website to find the link. I remember one sweep I entered said to vote for them on the fence, but they didn’t leave a link on the entry itself. I carefully searched the entire page until I found the on the fence link at the BOTTOM of the page. Ugh!

  52. says

    finding all those Google links to join… either way.. I appreciate all giveaways and chances to win! thank you very much!!

  53. Kimberly Davis says

    I hate having to subscribe e-mails and RRS. Also when you have to sign up for another giveaway because sometimes I dont want enter another contest.Please dont make us to that.I won twice that way but it was for kids prizes. I dont have children. Thanks for listening!!

  54. Val Pearson says

    I’d have to say pinterest and leaving the blog comment. Oh and now twitter because apparently I’ve met my limit on Twitter. :(

  55. Sherry Fowler says

    twitter; i too have reached my 2000 limit and cant add anyone else

  56. says

    Having to “like” *every* person on FB. I am pretty selective and don’t want to jumble up my already full FB news feed. Really, for the most part, you see the same thing posted over and over and over again. I mean, how many times do I need to know that “Kohl’s is having a one day sale, today only!”.

    Google+, Pinterest, RSS and newsletters are also ones I don’t do. I don’t have most, and if I wanted to read newsletters or blogs, I wouldn’t bother with FB. I don’t mind following links from FB to blogs to get more info though.

  57. says

    I don’t usually sign up for email (and don’t read the ones I signed up for anyways) but I get putting that as email subscriber numbers look good for potential sponsors.

  58. Tracy Peterman says

    I hate the email ones! Also having to follow each blog 3 or 4 different ways.

  59. Lewann Rice says

    I guess it would have to be leaving a blog post. I like the simple click a button the click enter.

  60. Jessica Chavez says

    I don’t really like signing up for new sites. sometimes I am already a member. Or i have to fill out too much information.

  61. Lauren B says

    Massive facebook lists are my least favorite part of rafflecopter

  62. ronda patrick says

    The ones that I have to manually type in multiple addresses instead of links.

  63. Becky Bartlett says

    The ones where I have to enter my facebook name or twitter name about 50 times, I would rather enter it once and be done

  64. kat says

    It’s between email subscriptions because my inbox it getting harder to sift through and twitter follow if I’m not already following because I hit the limit and can’t follow more without having to unfollow some.

  65. Star A. says

    I have two pet peeves when I enter giveaways,
    1. is having to sign up for ANOTHER giveaway just to enter the one I’m trying to enter
    2. is the one’s I’ve been seeing that says “like my linky” and “join me on blog frog”

  66. Linda Brown says

    the google + or gfc…because of my computer. It takes forever to go to the pages

  67. Tammy Owens/ Botzon says

    Subscribing to emails I get so many I cant read them all!

  68. nici says

    Google+ because you have to open each page unlike twiiter or facebook when you just click the button right there

  69. vicki carter says

    A lot of good comments.I just think there are getting too many things to follow,linky,stumble,etc. it’s crazy.Only 24 hours in a day.Sometimes I sign up on RSS that I already follow,then I feel I wasted time.

  70. Gloria Walshver says

    My least favorite would be Pinterest because I don’t use it.

  71. Christina says

    I don’t like the FB follows. I have followed over 200+ pages and it crowds my news feed to the point that I cannot see what my friends/family are posting.

  72. Lisa Cal says

    My least favorite ones are when they ask you to sign up for RSS and its really email. RSS and email are TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. If everyone would learn that, then it would be easier. I have lists all set up for who I’m subscribed to for each one. I suppose I should just subscribe both ways to everyone. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about it. :)

  73. Sandra Brower says

    Twitter is a pain sometimes, but I just have a hard time not trying to get every last single entry and some will loop you around with bonuses to enter another giveaway on everyone of their giveaways, so I go on and on and on.. LOL but I love it!!

  74. Marti Parks says

    I don’t mind leaving comments, but I hate it when I submit the comment and then I have to type in captchas. Those things make me crazy. They are really hard to read and if you don’t get it right you have to keep trying. I hate those.

  75. alsvegas says

    signing up for a site you know nothing about as the first one :/

  76. says

    I don’t mind any certain one really … if they have the link in the form..instead of having to search for it on the blog, to then click. Or if they don’t leave a spot to put your Info in when needed.

  77. sassy says

    gfc because more often than not the gfc button isn’t working on the page that we are directed to. it irritates me.

  78. Michelle Tucker says

    twitter as a mandatory entry, only because their follow limit is so low.

  79. Sara Wood says

    I dont like entries where you have to like a TON of twitter/facebook pages.

  80. rebecca day says

    the ones that i have to go to the website and say what i have learned there it seems to take so long

  81. K.Pugh says

    I don’t have a least favorite entry method. Thanks for the chance.

  82. Janice says

    pinterest or Google+ and that’s the main entry (and I don’t have either)

  83. beth kelsay says

    The one’s where you get 25 entries to sign up for super points or zuilly and those things. ANd then it says you MUST use their link to sign up so if you already have any of those you just don’t get the extra entries.

  84. says

    I don’t do subscribe to email any more because I have way too many and my “real” emails are getting lost in the crowd.

  85. Christina says

    The only entries I dislike with rafflecopter are the giveaways with 200+ options. Otherwise, I don’t really have a least favorite.. I do the ones I can and just skip the others. If I’m short on time I just do what I have time for.

  86. says

    Twitter – because I have to follow many accounts and email/rss subscription because I have to type my email and captcha over and over 😀

  87. says

    giveaways with too many daily entries I don’t mind voting on Picket Fence or the others where you have to boost, Tweets and Facebook posts are fine. The worst is when someone asks you to Retweet one of their Tweets and asks for the direct link. I have no clue how to get this.

  88. says

    Email sign ups! I don’t like to subscribe via email. Definitely don’t have time for it all!

  89. Amy A says

    The Twitter parts. I don’t have Twitter so I can’t enter those.

  90. Jessica Ward says

    subscribing to emails ..I don’t mind subscribing to RSS feeds but the emails take the longest…

  91. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    Sometimes I hate doing comments, not all but some blogs tell you to comment on non-giveaway and I have already commented on everything that they posted, I think that should be looked at each blogger, don’t put it there if there’s not going to be anything to comment on. Again not all.
    thanks for the giveaway, the reason I did not do the facebook pages is because I need to delete some likes before I can like new pages

  92. Miranda W says

    I’m not a fan of the ones that require you to sign up for swag bucks or super points our any of those things. I already have both and it doesn’t seem fair to lose the extra points for that reason. Also the grab my button ones. I’m just learning to use a lot of the things like twitter and a blog. I do like it when the number of entry’s is kept low, having to do a couple hundred things on one giveaway is a pain.

  93. Tammy says

    GFC because I always have to go right away and verify in my email.