HexBugs ~ Giveaway (ends 4/5)

HexBugs are back and they brought a new friend- the Scarab. The Scarab is a six-legged, battery operated bug which has bug like behavior patterns and can flip itself over when upside down. Little Man thoroughly enjoys this one. It moves at a very quick pace, much quicker then the other HexBugs we have seen. Although it doesn’t seem as complex as the larva, the Scarab is still quite interesting and a very smart robot.

It will skitter and run around, and when met with an obstacle it moves with such speed it actually bounces about and find a different route. Like most HexBugs, it is well built and fun to just watch jet around. Also, it interacts with other HexBugs in interesting ways. I am partial to the larva, so it is always interesting to see the larva ‘play’ with new HexBugs.

You can follow HexBugs on Twitter.  They are $14.99 and can be purchased HERE.
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